How do you charge an electric car if you live in an apartment?

Well that’s a good question, now isn’t it? Click here if you want the answer immediately,¬†otherwise read on.

There are many various ways to charge an electric car while living in an apartment complex.

For starters though, if you are asking this question you are probably wanting to know the answer because you want to buy an electric car. Your first step should be to find out if an electric vehicle (EV) is right for you based on how much you drive in a day.

Many Americans drive an average of 32 miles a day to get to work (based on a answer.) That being said, if you drive more than 50 miles roundtrip for work on a daily basis and live in an apartment complex, an electric vehicle might not be the right car choice for you.

A nifty tool that can help you decide if an electric car is right for you is CODA Automotive’s “Is CODA for me?” (though this widget can be used to help you decide if any EV is right for you.)

Decide if an EV is right for your driving needs.

CODA’s General Guide to Going EV

Well now that we’ve digressed and you have figured out whether or not an EV is right for you, we’re back to our original question… how do you charge an electric car if you live in an apartment?

There are several factors to take into consideration when asking this question. Likewise, there are several answers and solutions to this question. Not every charging challenge is the same either, so we’ve developed a little helpful chart to get you started with charging in apartment and condo basics.

Click on the chart below to help you out.

EV Charging in Apartments





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