Vote Electric

Four years ago we were a country brought together out of hope for the future and what tomorrow could bring. Here we are again, waiting to see what tomorrow brings and how our future will once again change for progress or change for the worst.

I urge everyone who is interested in clean renewable energy to vote for President Obama tomorrow. Yes, he might not be the most progressive and he might not have the most green agenda, but I can tell you this, we do not need a President who ridicules an independant car company (Tesla) that has made more advances in clean renewable energy technology than any other car company to date. Mitt Romney would be an absolute devastation to the renewable energy progress we as a country have made.

So tomorrow, get out there and vote. And when you are voting, think about voting electric! Just remember who’s got your back and who makes fun of the technology you love so dearly. ( Pssssttt it’s Obama that’s got your back )





Lukas was different from the start. Born a bit jaundiced, he spent a few days in an incubator and attributes this to his longing for warm climates and curling up at night in a toasty bed. After spending the first 22 years of his life in South Florida he took a job opportunity on the west coast where he soon realized his passion for protesting, self awareness and good deed doing. On an average day you could find Lukas protesting in the streets of San Diego, collecting cigarette butts from gutters for art projects, or enjoying a superb late night bike ride with his SLR strapped to his back for some experimental night photography.

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